Jun 20 2012

More people and the same number employed – falling behind in the employment game.

While the economy has added jobs it has hardly kept pace with the growth in population and also the new pool of people entering into the workforce.  We essentially have the same number of Americans employed as we did in 2000 yet the workforce has grown by 33 million.  What does this say about the […]

Jun 5 2012

Median net worth Canada and US households. Average and median net worth data for Canada and US 2012.

I found some interesting data on the net worth figures between US and Canadian households.  Net worth is always an interesting way of measuring financial security of a country and their middle class.  It also highlights how widespread a middle class really is.  Having a solid net worth provides additional buffers and gives households a […]

Feb 3 2012

Job growth of 243,000 and unemployment drops to 8.3 percent. Economy picking up.

The economy is starting to pick up some steam in 2012.  Job growth was widespread in the latest report.  It can now be said that job growth is following a trend.  The trend is still on very fragile ground as Europe goes deeper into recession.  The US has now added jobs for well over a […]

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