Feb 3 2012

Job growth of 243,000 and unemployment drops to 8.3 percent. Economy picking up.

The economy is starting to pick up some steam in 2012.  Job growth was widespread in the latest report.  It can now be said that job growth is following a trend.  The trend is still on very fragile ground as Europe goes deeper into recession.  The US has now added jobs for well over a […]

Jan 6 2012

Republican New Hampshire Primary 2012. Who will win? Don’t listen to the media.

The big fight in 2012 will be about the economy.  Any other issue should take a back seat to what is the biggest pressing issue for the majority of Americans.  In a democracy you would hope that the focus turns on pressing issues like the middle class, job growth, and building a sustainable economy for […]

May 16 2010

GDP in the United States – Misleading data? How GDP may not be a good representation of the actual economy.

Interesting look at GDP in a weekend article.  There have been recent debates about GDP really reflecting the true health of an economy.  When we hear that GDP is going up we generally think that wages, jobs, the stock market, all go up in tandem.  But in today’s market it would appear that the only […]

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