Apr 3 2014

Lowest paying jobs in America. Top 20 lowest paying jobs

There is a growing disconnect in the country between the working class and those in more professional careers.  Part of this is coming from massive globalization that is extracting lower wages for the vast portion of our nation.  The market craves lower costs and higher profits and the two don’t typically align with keeping things […]

Nov 14 2012

Fiscal cliff 2013 – What are the big implications of the fiscal cliff for 2013?

Now that the election is over we can go back to cat food and automobile commercials.  After all, we need to get you consumers out of your house to blow money on Black Friday after you blow out your intestines on Thanksgiving.  The fiscal cliff is the given name of the impending fiscal collapse of […]

Apr 6 2012

Jobs report weaker than expected – Unemployment rate falls largely because 160,000 leave labor force.

The headline unemployment rate fell today but largely due to more than 160,000 people dropping out of the labor force.  Headline jobs gained were 120,000 well below what the market was expecting.  It is likely to be good news that the market was going on a holiday break.  Employment is the backbone of any economy […]

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