Feb 8 2013

Eight Secrets to Mastering Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball Method to Pay off Debt

Due to the increasing inflation and overall economic uncertainty, more people are rushing towards securing loans to meet their economic needs. The worst fact is that the price of everything has soared up drastically which as a result has lowered the purchasing power of people as well. Debt accumulation has resulted in various problems for […]

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Jun 5 2012

Median net worth Canada and US households. Average and median net worth data for Canada and US 2012.

I found some interesting data on the net worth figures between US and Canadian households.  Net worth is always an interesting way of measuring financial security of a country and their middle class.  It also highlights how widespread a middle class really is.  Having a solid net worth provides additional buffers and gives households a […]

Jan 10 2012

New Hampshire Primary 2012 – Mainstream press focusing on everything except economy.

I don’t really have a horse in this race but watching the mainstream press cover the current election is like watching an exercise of avoiding the most important. The economy is obviously the most important item for most Americans right now. All other issues take a major back seat. Today reports were coming out highlighting […]

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