Dec 22 2010

Government employment versus population of the United States.

Looking at raw numbers doesn’t usually do justice to a cause.  With the recent 2010 Census, it is helpful to look at population versus the percent of people working for a certain sector.  There has been a lot of ire thrown against the government and how large it has gotten.  But we also have 308 […]

May 7 2010

Stock market plunge erased 9 months of a rally in a few minutes. On the same day too big to fail amendment shot down by Senate.

It is amazing what occurred yesterday.  The media gave such a historical event little play.  In the matter of a few minutes the Dow plunged nearly 1,000 points erasing 9 months of stock gains ($500 billion in U.S. stock market wealth).  Stocks around the world also sold off on the event since many were left […]

Apr 3 2010

Hourly Wages Down for the Month – Are Lower Paying Jobs with no Benefits the new Trend for Americans? 22 More Months like March and We’ll be Back to December of 2007.

For 26 long and arduous months the U.S. economy has been cutting jobs and setting up a situation where Americans had less and less money.  This is problematic for an economy where such a large part of GDP growth comes from consumption.  Yet on Friday we were notified that 162,000 jobs were added in the […]

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