Jul 21 2010

The shrinking number of U.S. banks but growing assets – From 12,000+ in 1990 to roughly 7,000 today. The rise of the too big to fail banking system. Are bank hours conducive to the working and middle class?

Some people have a hard time believing that prior to the Great Depression, there was a point in U.S. history where we had over 20,000 various and diverse banks in the country.  These banks would boom and bust and with no FDIC insurance, placing your money in a bank was a risky proposition.  The Federal […]

Jun 17 2010

5 charts showing deep embedded problems in the banking and financial sector – banking data shows that recession is still going with 5.64% of all loans as non-performing. Banking charge-offs at record levels.

The new motto for banks should be “look at what I do, not as I say” because bank balance sheets are still worsening.  If bad debt is any indicator of financial health or of the stability of a bank balance sheet, banks are extremely ill even after the enormous amounts of money pushed into their […]

Mar 24 2010

The Bulk of Californians Bought or Refinanced During the Peak – 4.6 Million Moved into a New Housing Unit from 2005 to 2008. 1.7 Million Additional Homes priced under $249,000.

I think looking deep into the housing data of California helps illuminate the story of the housing bubble, but also the drawn out aftermath.  Of the 12 million occupied units in California, over 4.6 million people entered their new housing unit between 2005 and 2008.  This occurred during the peak time.  So to really get […]

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