Mar 31 2012

Q1 of 2012 best quarter for stocks since 1998. First quarter stock market performance.

The stock market had one of its best quarters on record.  The first quarter of 2012 saw the best stock performance since 1998.  What would be considered solid gains for any year overall the stock market accomplished the gains over three months.  It is interesting to examine a parallel economy where housing is still performing […]

May 17 2010

Euro approaching U.S. dollar parity? Euro back to 2006 levels and falling against the dollar.

The Euro doesn’t seem to be responding all that well to the $1 trillion Euro bailout.  First, you have countries like Greece that if they had their own currency, would simply devalue their currency and try to make their economies more competitive.  But with the Euro you have countries like Germany with much larger economies […]

Jan 6 2010

U.S. Dollar and the 1971 Shock: How Going off the Gold Standard is now Coming Back to Harm the U.S. Dollar. The 40 Years Spending Spree.

The U.S. dollar has been on a wild rollercoaster ride for decades.  Most Americans rarely concern themselves with currency markets or larger macro economic trends.  Yet this is such an important financial area to understand since Americans are paid in U.S. dollars.  It is fascinating to understand why the U.S. went off the gold standard […]

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