Feb 8 2013

Eight Secrets to Mastering Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball Method to Pay off Debt

Due to the increasing inflation and overall economic uncertainty, more people are rushing towards securing loans to meet their economic needs. The worst fact is that the price of everything has soared up drastically which as a result has lowered the purchasing power of people as well. Debt accumulation has resulted in various problems for […]

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Jan 10 2013

Trillion dollar coin: Paying off the debt with coins.

Part of the crazy idea behind the trillion dollar coin stems from a loophole that technically, does allow a way around the debt ceiling should political talks stall.  In a fiat system as our own, going into default makes no sense when you have the printing press known as the Federal Reserve.  More to the […]

Dec 23 2012

Mayan Calendar and Money: What to do with your finances now that the world moves on?

The Mayan Calendar was in the headlines for at least one week until people started brushing up and realizing that the Mayan Calendar stated nothing of an end of the world.  It was merely a restart of the calendar.  So now that you know we have more time ahead of ourselves, what will you do […]

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