Apr 1 2012

What Mortgage Broker Should You Use

The below is a guest post: It is a common conception that mortgage brokers in the UK are expensive middlemen in the property market, and whenever the term “broker” is used one will automatically assume that it is going to cost a pretty penny. This isn’t entirely true, however, and while there are many brokers […]

Dec 28 2009

The New Mortgage Dynamics and the Anatomy of a Pay Option ARM Borrower. 850,000 Option ARMs Still Outstanding and 40 Percent in Distress. 4 Reasons to Walk Away from your Option ARM.

It is hard to believe that 13 percent of all mortgages are either in foreclosure or some other form of distress.  This can stem from a missed payment from an unexpected job loss or mounting pressure of servicing current debt.  To a large degree the allure of the option ARM product came from the ability […]

Sep 23 2009

The California Home Buying Debate: Southern California Home Sales Broken out in Price Tier Ranges. The Amount of California Home you can Afford is Probably Less Than you Expect.

For many prudent prospective home buyers, many who have saved diligently for years, many are licking their chops to purchase a home in California.  But let us be honest, most are looking to purchase in selective markets like Marin County or parts of the Westside here in Southern California.  They hear about the 50 percent […]

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