Sep 29 2012

Odds of Obama victory in November increase

If you were to bet on the current presidential race, you would likely put your money on President Obama.  Polls are one thing.  Yet when it comes to people putting their money on the line the odds are now largely in favor of the incumbent.  What this does bring us at least in the short-term […]

Jan 31 2012

Florida Primary 2012 – the battle for the economy.

The Florida 2012 Primary is starting to reflect what most of the nation is really feeling about the current state of affairs.  The number issue on the minds of voters is the stagnant economy.  We still have over 45 million Americans on food stamps and many people are still out of work.  Those that managed […]

Jan 10 2012

New Hampshire Primary 2012 – Mainstream press focusing on everything except economy.

I don’t really have a horse in this race but watching the mainstream press cover the current election is like watching an exercise of avoiding the most important. The economy is obviously the most important item for most Americans right now. All other issues take a major back seat. Today reports were coming out highlighting […]

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