Mar 16 2010

No Hope for Option ARMs or Alt-A Loans – Loan to Value Ratios of 169% Simply do not Qualify for Help and Cement the Destiny for Billions in California Loans. Two Case Examples in Irvine and Garden Grove.

One of the big problems that really isn’t addressed when discussing option ARMs or Alt-A loans is the fact that many are tied to the hip with second liens.  If it wasn’t bad enough to have one toxic mortgage imagine having two.  It is also a bad twist of fate that most of these loans […]

Feb 2 2010

California Housing Inventory – 3.8 Months of Inventory if we only look at Public Data. The Financial Math behind California Home Prices and Artificially Low Inventory. Distress Inventory Still Dominating Market.

For a state like California getting an accurate figure on total inventory is always a challenge just because of the size of the state.  Throw in the large amount of inventory that is held off view from the public and it is hard to get an accurate figure of what is out there.  As of […]

Dec 14 2009

San Francisco Shadow Inventory Larger than Regular MLS Data: How the Real Housing Inventory is Hidden from the Public.

Once upon a time in California, housing prices aligned with national prices.  You don’t need to go back into the legends of the state because this was a time in the 1960s and early 1970s.  At this point, housing in California started to disconnect from economic fundamentals.  Many people forget that California had a housing […]

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